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What is the difference between Hostelworld PayNow (Channel Collect) and Hostelworld Hotel Collect bookings?


Hostelworld offers two methods of payment for their bookings:

  • PayNow (Channel Collect) - when Hostelworld collects the payment from your guests.
  • Hotel Collect - when you charge your guests directly.

The reservation can be hotel collect or channel collect depending on the settings and payment type chosen on Hostelworld side. Check below further details about both options.

Hotel Collect

With Hotel Collect Booking, your property is responsible to collect payments from guests.

Depending on your policies on Hostelworld, you can charge your guest credit card (will be included in the reservation) or the guest will pay at your property in your local currency.

For this type of booking, you will see Hotel Collect Booking under the Payment Type.

To add the payment, check: How can I add a payment to a reservation on myfrontdesk?

PayNow (Channel Collect)

With the PayNow or Channel Collect option, Hostelworld is responsible to collect the payment from your guests. This option is only available for non-refundable rates.

Hostelworld will directly charge 100% of the non-refundable booking value and transfer to your account through bank deposit every 14 days.

  • In this reservation page, you will see Channel Collect Booking under the Payment Type.
  • Check this article for more information from Hosteworld or reach out to your Hostelworld Account Manager if you have questions.
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