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Email Templates - Common errors while creating a Custom Email Template


If you are facing error messages while creating Custom Email Templates, check a few solutions below.
Reach out to our support team in case the issue persists.

Error: Subject: This field is required

This error occurs when the Subject field is not filled in the default language of the property.

Solution: Fill in the subject in the corresponding default language. For example: If the default language of your property is English, then a template in Spanish will also need a subject for the English version.

Error: We detected that you probably use MS Word to generate an HTML email

This error occurs when the system detects that MS Word has been probably used to create the email, which can cause character incompatibility and show symbols instead of the expected text.

Solution: Follow the steps below:

  • Find the desired template and click Edit
  • Scroll down to the text box
  • Select all the text, and cut it off
  • Paste it in the same text box area
  • Save the changes

The icon Code Review </> can be used to verify your changes in the HTML version.

For further assistance with email template errors, reach out to our Support Team.

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