Visionline (Assa Abloy) - Troubleshooting


Possible errors:

  • Refused to overwrite a valid card - means that the card must be canceled in Visionline in order to reissue the card.
  • Status error 500 - means that the Visionline service is offline. 
  • Status error 404 - means that the host isn’t configured to the right IP.
    Solution: Uninstall the Cloudbeds Integrator app and choose a different host during reinstallation.

Disconnecting the Assa Abloy app or uninstalling the Cloudbeds Integrator will remove access to the Key Cards tab on the reservation screen. The data is still stored in the app's Windows folder in case you would like to reconnect.

How to share logs with Cloudbeds support?

To share logs with our support team go to:

  1. File Explorer > OS (C:)
  2. Cloudbeds Integrator
  3. Find and attach the files with .log extension to an email and send it to Cloudbeds support.
Do I need to make backups?

As a user of the Visionline integration, you should regularly backup the Cloudbeds Integration app files which you want to be able to restore in case of an outage, reinstallment, or change of device.

To back up Cloudbeds Integrator app copy var directory from C:\Cloudbeds Integrator. This step is not required for the app to be reinstalled as these files are stored automatically, and the next installation will use them.

If you want to purposefully clear everything, uninstalling the app is not enough. You must remove C:\Cloudbeds Integrator entirely. Those files are not harmful if you stop using Integrator, but they will be stored and accessible in case Integrator is reinstalled.

How to reinstall the app?

To uninstall or reinstall the Cloudbeds Integrator app go to:

  1. Programs and Features section of the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Find the application, and click to uninstall.
  1. Or, you can go back to the Cloudbeds Marketplace, download the app again, and restart the connection.
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