Ambiance (by Dormakaba) - Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't  I issue the key, the button is not active?

Only reservations with the status Confirmed and In-House can have new key cards issued. The Issue Key Cards button will be inactive for other reservation statuses.

Can Ambiance (by Dormakaba) integration work with multiple Cloudbeds accounts?

No. One Ambiance system can link to one Cloudbeds account.

What is the difference between mobile keys and key cards?

A mobile key is a technology that turns guests’ phones into keys that open doors. This makes the check-in process contactless.

Key cards are physical cards that are obtained at the front desk during the check-in process. This process isn't contactless, but it’s more common due to the fact that many hotels have this type of lock system.

Can Cloudbeds issue mobile keys via Ambiance (by Dormakaba) integration?

No, Cloudbeds integration with Ambiance can only issue guests key cards.

Can I use other door lock applications along with the Ambiance (by Dormakaba) integration?

Yes, you can use partner integrations (like Duve, Lynx, Operto, Flexipass) with Ambiance to provide guests with mobile keys.
Cloudbeds integration with Ambiance allows you to issue key cards directly in the reservation system window.

These integrations are complimentary to Cloudbeds integration, and you are invited to use both to improve the overall guest experience.

Can I manage staff cards or single-use key cards through Cloudbeds?

No, staff and admin access need to be managed through Ambiance. Cloudbeds integration is focused only on guest key cards.

Can I see key card logs in Cloudbeds?

Some logs are accessible in Cloudbeds, while others have to be accessed in Ambiance.

In Cloudbeds, you can see all reservations activity in regards to encoding cards, for example:

Slack | Mihaela Vlašić | Cloudbeds - Google Chrome

All other logs can be accessed in Ambiance directly.

How do I reobtain the credentials once they are lost?

You can either reinstall the app, or run this in your command line: "Cloudbeds Integrator.exe" config:dump. It will show you the prompt with the keys.

Why are some common areas are preselected?

All doors that are added to the PMS Common area in the Ambiance system will always show as preselected in the Cloudbeds interface.

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