Ambiance (by Dormakaba) - How to Issue Keys

A key card is a small plastic card which your guests can use instead of a key to open a hotel door.


  • Only reservations with the status Confirmed and In-House can have new key cards issued. Issue Key Cards button will be inactive for other reservation statuses.
  • Property owner has to give the permission to Issue Key Cards to the needed user roles in the API Credentials and Integrations section.
How to Issue Key Cards
  1. Go to the reservation
  2. Access Key Cards tab
  1. Select the Encoder. The second time you use this screen the encoder will be preselected. Change it if you need to. 
  2. If there are multiple accommodations, uncheck those that you don’t need keys for.
  3. Choose the Key Valid Until date and time - Useful for late check-outs.
  4. You can encode multiple rooms on the same key card. This can be done with the Accommodations drop-down.
  5. Select common areas for this key.
  6. To issue more than one copy of the key card, enter as many as you need into the Key Card # field.
  7. Click START.

Cloudbeds will only display optional common areas for selection while issuing a key card. Default common area access for the “guest” user group should be set up in Dormakaba (before connecting to Cloudbeds), and the Cloudbeds interface will automatically grant this access for every key card issued. 

Reach out to Dormakaba representative for more guidance on the common areas topic.

  1. Touch the card to the encoder. If you are encoding several cards in a row, follow the Progress column on the screen.
  2. When the card is encoded, click Done to dismiss this screen.
How to duplicate, replace or discard key cards
  1. To make a duplicate of any key card, click on the Copy button;
  2. Click on Replace Key Card button if the guest decided to change room
  3. The Discard button deactivates issued cards.

Replacing a key card will invalidate the previously encoded key card:

How to update a key while extending a reservation

If you extend the stay dates, the Key Cards tab will display a warning that the dates were changed but the key has not been modified yet. Select Replace Key Card button to update it.

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