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Cloudbeds Release Notes - UX Refresh (January 2022)


As we continue improving day-by-day, we want you to have the best user experience while using Cloudbeds.

In this release, we implemented some of your ideas from the Idea Board and also resolved small-yet-impactful functional and aesthetic gaps in the current design of the platform.

"New Reservation" screen cleanup

Better visualization when creating a new reservation on Cloudbeds PMS. The Room Type / Package column is now larger and better readable on desktop and mobile.

Previewing Sent Emails (Idea Board)

View Email is now in a modal that shows the whole content, without scrolling. This function can be found in Email Delivery Log and under Email Messages within the reservation.

Allow reservations to open in a new tab (Idea Board)

You can now open the reservation from the Dashboard by right clicking on the guest name — very convenient for when you need to access multiple reservations at once.

Truncated credit card number (Idea Board)

The stored credit card number was displayed as one long number, making it difficult to read. The numbers are now truncated for more effortless reading.

Apply to All (Base Rates)

When adding Base Rates on Rates and Availability page, you can now set the rates across the whole period in one click, including per person pricing using the function Apply to All.

Application Language selector

We have removed the flags from the Application Language drop down. Research shows that flags connote nationality, not necessarily language. 

New background for Login page

Log-in page background picture is updated with new product releases.

Language dropdown in Accommodation Details

The last value in the dropdown was shown only at half — this has been fixed.

Availability Matrix input field

Units allotted for sale parameter in Interval Settings is now the perfect length on Availability Matrix.

Edit Reservation table

Column width improvements in Edit Reservation table.

Glitch on Property Contact Info page

The bottom border of the input was not being rendered when zooming out. Input line is now always visible.

Inscription remains in global search

When using the search bar, the inscription remains to showcase results.

Notification banner inconsistencies

Fixed inconsistencies in notification banners.

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