FACT - How to generate invoices directly from the FACT application

FACT is a management solution for properties located in Portugal only, certified by the tax authority, which allows you to issue invoices.

You can issue FACT Invoices on the Cloudbeds PMS, and if needed, you can issue invoices directly from FACT.

Getting Started

  1. Login to your FACT account, and click on Vendas (Sales).
  2. Click on Outro Tipo de Documento (Another type of document).
  3. Select Fatura-Recibo (Invoice-Receipt).
New guest invoice

If you have never issued an invoice for this guest before:

  1. Click on Criar Novo Cliente (Create a new Client).
  2. Add the guest's details. You can look for the customer with the tax ID number (Procurar) or click to add the information manually (Inserir Manualmente).
Repeat guest invoice

If you already issued an invoice for this guest before:

  1. Search for the corresponding guest.
  2. Click on the guest name to see details.
  1. Scroll down and add the Reference of the invoice.
  2. Choose the Payment Method.
  3. Add notes, if needed.

Numerário means cash, but you can also choose Debit Card as payment method, for example.

  1. Search for the applicable products to generate the invoice.

Example: If on the Cloudbeds PMS folio the guest paid for Room rate and Coca Cola, in FACT, choose both products (Room Rate/Accommodation and Coca Cola)

If it is a new product, click on Novo Produto (New Product) to create it:

You can click on the product to edit name, price, or the percentage of taxes if needed. It is also possible to click and drag the products to re-order them.

  1. Make sure that the number of all products between FACT and the guest's folio on Cloudbeds PMS are matching. If everything is correct, click on Avançar (Continue).
  1. A preview of the invoice will be generated. On this page, it is possible to change the invoice details before issuing the final version.
  • If there is any mistake, click on Eliminar (Delete).
  • If everything is correct, click on Finalizar e Fechar Documento (Finalize and Close the Document).

After finalizing the document, the invoice number will be assigned and the watermark Em preparação (In preparation) will be removed. No further changes will be possible after this step.

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