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How to Transfer the Ownership of your Organization


The Organization Owner is the first user registered in the system while creating this Organization. They are the only person who can cancel or transfer the ownership of the Organization group.

This article will walk you through the steps of transferring the ownership of your Organization account to somebody else, such as a new owner or new group.

Step 1 - Make sure that the users are disabled or have the correct permissions

Every time an Organization gets a new owner, that owner should review the users and roles registered in this account to be sure they will remain active or not.

Step 2 - Transferring the Ownership of the Organization to a new owner

The user registered as an Organization Owner can only be modified by our support team. If you need to change the Organization Owner, please reach out to our support team providing the following details:

  1. Send the official government photo identification (passport, driver license, etc) from the new Organization Owner.
  2. Inform the contact and email address of person who will be assigned as the new Organization Owner
  3. Inform our support if the billing details will remain the same. If they need to be changed, please specify the new details.
  4. Send the written approval (via email is fine) from the previous owner to change the Organization ownership to the new name and email address that you have specified.

Our support team will reach out to you with updates after review.

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