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How to View Reservations Credit Card Details


On Cloudbeds PMS, only the Property Owner (the person who signed up for the Cloudbeds account) has permission to view credit card details by default.

When viewing guest's credit card details. There are 2 types of users:

  • Authorized staff: Granted permission to view credit card details by the Property Owner.
  • Unauthorized staff: Does not have permission to view credit card details.

This article show steps how to view credit card details for authorized staff and authorized staff..

If you are using one of these payment processors, you will not be able to view the full credit card details as they don't allow if for security reasons per PCI Standards (Payment Card Industry Standards).

How to view Credit Card Details for Authorized Staff

Before following the steps below, make sure your user has been granted permission to view the credit card details by Property Owner and has setup the credit card viewing password. See article: How to Grant and Set Up the Credit Card Viewing Password (Property Owner)

  1. Access the guest's reservation.
  2. Go to Credit Cards tab.
  3. On the selected card, click Show Card Details.
  1. Enter your credit card viewing password.
  2. Click Confirm.

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Credit card details will be shown. You can also:

  • Activate/Deactivate Card
  • Hide Details
  • Edit Credit Card
  • Delete Credit Card

If you were granted permission to see credit card details but haven't set a credit card viewing password, you will be shown an error: "You must set up a new credit card password."

How to view Credit Card Details for Unauthorized Staff

If an unauthorized staff attempts to view the guest's credit card data, the system will prompt a window Authorization Required.

An Authorized staff member must enter their credentials (account email, login password and credit card password) in order to see the full credit card information. This is called managerial override.

Follow steps:

  1. Ask an Authorized Staff member to enter their Cloudbeds account email.
  2. Authorized Staff member then enters their Cloudbeds login password (not the Credit Card password).
  3. Authorized Staff member then enters their Credit Card viewing password.
  4. Click Confirm.
    • If viewing from an unrecognized device, the Authorized Staff will be prompted with a 2 Factor Authentication flow. When they successfully enter the verification code, they will be shown the credit card details and this device will be trusted for 30 days.

Even if a device is trusted, the user without credit card viewing permission must ask an Authorized Staff to enter their email, login password and credit card viewing password, each time, when viewing the credit card details.

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