Cloudbeds Release Notes - Advanced Invoicing (December 2021)

We are very happy to announce the Advanced Invoicing feature! Advanced invoicing is being introduced to enhance the user and guest experience when invoicing with Cloudbeds.

Our upgraded version of the Invoicing system allows you to create and handle your guest invoices in the easiest and most automated way. See all the benefits below.


With Advanced Invoicing you can:

  • Prevent duplicate invoices: only transactions that have not been invoiced can be generated in new invoices;
  • Invoice your guest separately: invoice any guest from the reservation individually;
  • Create Credit Note: easily void invoices if an error had been made or changes need to be done;
  • Set invoice status: set invoice to Open, Paid, or Voided;
  • Document Email Selection: choose which invoices and credit notes are to be emailed and to which guests;
  • Preview invoice: double-check the invoice document before generating it to avoid any error.
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