Visionline (Assa Abloy) - How to Connect

Benefits of Visionline integration:

  • Issue key cards directly from the Cloudbeds reservation page.
  • Check-in process becomes quick and error-proof.
  • Duplicate and override the key cards on the same screen.
  • No need for front desk staff to work in multiple screens on a regular basis -  managers and owners have a greater deal of control.
Step 1 - Install the Cloudbeds Integrator app on your Windows computer

To connect the two systems, you will need to install the Cloudbeds Integrator app on your Windows computer. This app enables Visionline and Cloudbeds to communicate.

It is highly recommended to install the integrator application on the same machine that is running the Visionline software.


  1. Account
  2. Apps & Marketplace
  3. Search for Visionline

Once you agree on the pricing with the support team you will see the CONNECT APP button.

  1. Click DOWNLOAD to install the app on your computer

The Cloudbeds Integrator application can be installed on any Windows host (computer or server) that is reachable via the network from the host(s) where the Cloudbeds PMS is used.

  1. Click to Save File
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  1. Find the file in your Downloads folder and double-click on it to run the installation.
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  1. If your antivirus software or Windows Defender asks you for permission to run this application click More info
  2. Select Run anyway

If your Windows Defender or other software asks for any additional permissions, you can give it the permission to run the Cloudbeds Integrator application.

  1. The installation process will start after all the needed permissions were given.
    Click Next to start the process.
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  1. Select I accept the agreement and then click Install.
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  1. Finish
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Step 2 - Integrator App Configuration
  1. Start the Cloudbeds Integrator App
  2. Select Cloudbeds Integrator in All Apps
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  1. Click Yes to allow the Cloudbeds Integrator app to run on your machine.
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  1. Enter your Cloudbeds username and password
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  1. Allow Access for the Integrator app to connect to Cloudbeds
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  1. Click Install Now
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  1. Add Connection
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If you use operator cards or keycard authenticated users you will need to take some additional steps as part of the setup process. You need to follow the steps in Appendix Instructions for Keycard authenticated Users.  If you use username and password to authenticate, please continue.  

  1. Enter the details of your Visionline software:
  • Doorlocks Vendor: select Visionline (Assa Abloy)
  • Service URL: 
    • If the Cloudbeds Integrator is installed on the same machine as the Visionline software enter https://localhost
    • If the Cloudbeds Integrator is installed on a different machine than the Visionline software, then enter https://<ip_address>, replacing <ip_address> with the IP Address of the machine which is running Visionline.  
  • Username and Password: enter the Username and Password you use to log onto the Visionline software. 
  1. Click Test Connection
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  1. Click OK to close the Test Connection
  2. Click Save
  3. The Cloudbeds Integrator is now connected to the Visionline software and you can continue to configure the Integration.
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Step 3 - Door Mapping

Cloudbeds need to know which accommodation corresponds to which door in Visionline.

To make the mapping process easier, use the same names for accommodation units in both your Cloudbeds PMS and in Visionline.

  1. Open Visionline desktop application and go to View.
  2. Access Doors to find exact door names.
  1. Go to Additional Settings in Cloudbeds, and then click on the View/Edit button for the Door Mapping.
  1. Map your doors - link each accommodation unit from Cloudbeds to the door name in Visionline.

If you have an unmapped door, you will not be able to issue key cards for this accommodation.

Shared inventory

Learn more about shared inventory here:
Shared Inventory - Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible to link one door to multiple accommodation units in Cloudbeds.

If you have the shared inventory feature enabled, you can sell room 101 as several different accommodations. In this case, enter the door ID to each accommodation configuration.

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Natively, Visionline doesn't support key cards for dorms.
In this case, you can set up your dorms as “doors” in Visionline and map those doors to your Cloudbeds dorm beds.

Step 4 - Additional Settings

Access Additional Settings in the Cloudbeds PMS setup page:

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  1. Default Card Expiry Time: allows you to set when the card expires on the check-out date. It’s common practice to leave about an hour of extra time after the standard check-out time to allow for the guests to come in and out of accommodations during their departure.
  2. Default Number of Keys per Accommodation: will determine how many keys are automatically selected on the Issue Key Card screen. Some property managers prefer to issue only one card for the door, others prefer to give as many cards as there are adults in the accommodation. Customize it to your best fit.
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