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Cloudbeds Release Notes - Payments Clarity (October 2021)

Follow Payments Clarity feature enables you to see the virtual credit card (VCC) information on Cloudbeds PMS such as the VCC balance, activation and expiration date needed to charge the card.


According to, properties experience a high failure rate when it comes to virtual credit card (VCC) authorization. The top three reasons for VCC failure are because:

  • The property is trying to charge a VCC before it is activated.
  • The property is trying to charge a VCC after its expiration date.
  • The property is trying to charge more than the balance available on the card.

From now on, will send the virtual credit card to Cloudbeds PMS along with the information about the balance, activation and expiration date, so you can correctly charge and process the payments.

This information is available in the Special Requests field inside the reservation. For more information, visit: Virtual Credit Card (VCC) - Everything you need to know

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