Cloudbeds Billing Portal - How to check my package?

This article will guide you to check what Cloudbeds Package was subscribed for your property.

Cloudbeds believes every lodging business is unique. We have tools for every size and budget to establish and grow. Reach out to our Support Team for more information on each available package.

If you are not yet a Cloudbeds customer, click here to access our Pricing Guide and schedule a Demo.

Check your current Cloudbeds Package

Follow the instructions below to check your current Cloudbeds Package, directly in your Billing Portal.

The Property Owner has access to the Billing Portal by default. Learn more about Roles and Permissions to grant access to other users.

  1. Access your Billing Portal and click on Subscription
  2. Under Current Packages, you will see your Cloudbeds Package and any add-on features with their billing cycle, next invoice date, rate, discount (if applicable), and total amount after the discount.

Contact our Support Team if you have more questions regarding your current package or Cloudbeds account.

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