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Organization & Users - How to Add / Edit an Organization Admin


Organization Admins have administrative access to all properties in the organization. They can also switch between properties using the main navigation bar without needing different credentials.

This article shows how to add new Organization Admins within an Organization.

Only Organization Owner can add / edit Organization Admin. Learn more about each role: Organization & Users - Users and Roles within an Organization

Organization Admin Functions

Before adding a new Organization Admin, it's important to understand their default permission:

  • Can switch between different accounts.
  • Shows up in property's users list but can't be disabled from there.
  • Has full permissions in the Organization except for:
    • Should be granted permission to view credit card details by the Property Owner.
    • Cannot add or edit other organization admins.
    • Cannot edit own status, but can edit own First / last name / email.
    • Cannot edit any information for other organization Admins.

How to Add an Organization Admin

  1. Click on the Users tab under the Organization & Users section
  2. Make sure the Owners tab is selected
  3. Click on Add Organization Admin
  1. Select if this is a new or existing user:
    • New user - enter their first and last name and the email address
      • The system will automatically send an activation link to the email account for the user to set up a password
    • Existing user - select it under search menu
      • In this case, user's login remains the same and they will be able to manage the properties through the property switcher icon
  2. Save

How to Edit an Organization Admin

A Organization Admin can only edit your own First, last names and email. In order to do it:

  1. Click on the 3 dots next to your Organization Admin User
  2. Click on Edit Admin

In case of other Organization Admins, you cannot edit a user who has access to more than one Property or Organization. This can only be done by the user in their Profile Page.

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