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Organization & Users - How to Create Organization Users


On Organization & Users page, you are able to create users for the people you want to assign roles in your Organization. You can customize the role by enabling or disabling permissions under the user's role.

This article shows how to create a role and add permissions as necessary based on the job function. In the permissions section, you can find all the permissions and what they do.

  • If you don't see the below settings on your account, it means that your user has no permission to access. Contact the Organization Owner in order to request permission, if needed.
  • You cannot delete a user, however, you should disable a user in case they are no longer part of the Organization.
  • A user created in the Organization level cannot be disabled in the property level access.

Step 1 - Create a Role

Before adding a new multi-property user, you need to create their role and select their privileges first.

You can either use the Administrator role that is automatically created as an example on your account or create a new one, example: Front-Desk or Housekeeper.

  1. Click on Roles under the Organization & Users section
  2. Click on +Add Role
  1. Add the role name
  2. Include a description (optional)
  1. Select the role's privileges within the permissions options displayed
  2. Save

The new role will be displayed on the Roles table, where you can edit or delete the role by clicking on the 3 dots under Actions column as shown below.

Step 2 - Create an Organization User

  1. Access Users tab under Organization & Users section
  2. Select the Organization Users tab
  3. Click on Add user
  1. Add the user details - first / last name and email
  2. Assign this user to a role
  3. Assign the property or properties that this user will have access
  4. If this user will have more than one role in different properties - for example, in one they are front-desk manager and in a second property they are administrator - click on Add assignment to add more roles/properties
  5. Save

You can assign the user to multiple properties, but the system doesn't allow assigning multiple roles in the same property.

Once created, all the Organization user will be displayed on the Organization Users table. On this page:

  1. The Organization Owner can enable/disable users
    • The Organization user cannot disable their own user
  2. Under the Role and Properties columns, you can check which role the user was assigned and which property they have access to by clicking on the question mark
  3. Check if user's account was verified or not
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