Useful reports when cancelling, selling, or closing your property

Here are some useful reports that we recommend exporting beforehand, to store your guest and property data locally.

  • Selling your property
  • Shutting down your property
  • Cancelling your account

Once you have done any of the above actions, you will not be able to access your Cloudbeds account anymore, and this is the reason why we recommend you save and extract your data for posterity. If you are temporarily suspending your account, you will regain access to all of your data.

1. Reservation List

This list contains all the bookings since the very first check-in until the day you shut down the business.

2. Guest Profiles

**This report contains Personal Identifiable Information (PII). PII is data which can be used to identify, locate, or contact an individual. Please follow your local PII and Privacy regulations when handling this data.

Please extract this information only if you are:

  • Changing PMS
  • Shutting down temporarily

Cloudbeds is not responsible for how you store or handle information extracted from our platforms

A list of all guest profiles on your platform. The guest profile is where you can view all of your customer's data such as revenue, personal details, notes, and any documents that you have attached to a specific guest. To download this report, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Guests Tab

2. Select the desired filters

3. Click on Apply

4. Export the Data

If you have repeat visitors, you may have registered duplicate guest profiles. To learn how to merge duplicate guest profiles, please read this detailed article.

3. Transaction Report

This report is similar to a Posting Journal. It records all postings and payments made in your reservations, folios, and house accounts. All adjustments, voids, and refunds are also recorded in this report.

You can use the filters available to view transactions posted by date, user, and description (transaction type) (only the past dates). We suggest running a Transactions report for each past month for better analysis.

If you are closing your property, it would be useful to check if you have successfully received payments for every reservation received and match your monthly accountable income to this report.

4. Invoice Report

This report brings all of a property’s invoice into one place. Here you can search and filter out the invoices, open them in new window and download if needed. You can also email the invoice to the primary guest from this page.

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