Cloudbeds Payments (Europe & Canada) - How to connect your terminal


Cloudbeds Payments is an add-on that is quickly growing to be one of our leading global services. Visit this article to check if it is available in your country: Cloudbeds Payments - Everything you need to know

This article is applicable for customers in Europe and Canada using the terminal P400 Plus, V400c Plus.

If you want to use this feature or order the Cloudbeds Payments Terminal, schedule a call with our sales team.

Before Getting Started

To avoid errors when processing terminal transactions, ensure you are using Google DNS. Check the following article to learn more: How to Update the DNS of the network

Connection Guide

Log into your Cloudbeds account:

  1. At the top right corner, click on Manage
  2. Navigate to Payment Options under the Property Configuration section
  3. Click on Hardware Terminal tab
  4. Turn the toggle to Yes to activate your hardware terminal

If you do not have Hardware Terminal tab under the payment options, contact our support team.

  1. Click on Add
  1. Select your terminal: P400 Plus or V400c Plus
Slack | cbpay_europe_onb_training | Cloudbeds - Google Chrome
  1. Enter the Serial Number - You can find the serial number on the back of your terminal
  2. Click Save

If you are not familiar with this process, check the following manuals they includes Wi-Fi programming, and where to find the serial number.

Slack | cbpay_europe_onb_training | Cloudbeds - Google Chrome

Once connected, the terminal information should look like as shown below:

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