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Cloudbeds Release Notes - Invoicing Updates - January 2021


The invoice is a document issued to the guest outlining all the transactions associated with a reservation, including room rates, payments, adjustments, and additional products sold.

This update includes improvements to the Invoicing feature - As of now, issuing invoice to a company name is possible!

1. Security Improvement

Taking into account PII (Personal Identifiable Information), only the users with PII view permission will be allowed to view invoices. Please check the following example:

The user below does not have permissions to view Sensitive & Personally Identifiable Information (PII) under the myfrontdesk roles tab.

You can find further details about myfrontdesk roles on the following article: Roles and Permissions

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If the permissions to view PII is disabled, the user:

  • Will be able to generate a new invoice or send the invoices by email
  • Will not be allowed to open the invoice and see the details. If the user tries, the following warning will be displayed:
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Updates on Invoices Information

The invoice PDF had been updated with the following items:

  1. Tax ID(s) filled from the Invoicing set up page
    1. we updated the fields position - now it's on the top right
  2. Invoice specific information (invoice number, date, and payment date)
  3. Guest or company details
    1. When the Company name and Company tax ID are populated in the primary guest details - they will be shown on the invoice PDF
    2. If blank, the guest's name and tax ID will be shown instead
  4. The guest's address information
    1. the address fields are kept together in one column at all times for ease of reading
  5. The guest's contact information (email, phone, cell phone)
  6. Any custom fields - only certain Cloudbeds packages may have this feature available - Visit the following article for further details: Custom Fields
  7. Currency is displayed with 3 letter ISO code instead of symbol for clarity
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