Cash Drawer - How to Close an Open Cash Drawer


In this article you can learn how to Close an open Cash Drawer.

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How to Close a Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer can be closed at any time. To close, you need to select 'Close Cash Drawer'.

This option will only be available when you have an open cash drawer.

Born to be Wild Hostel - DEMO - Create / Modify Cash Drawers - Google Chrome

Here are the steps to follow when you click to close a cash drawer:

1 - Balance

  1. Drawer Balance - this is the current cash amount in the drawer, before any withdrawals at the end of shift
  2. Once you add the drawer balance, the system will display the 'system balance' - normally, the drawer and system balances need to match
  3. If needed, you can also add notes
Born to be Wild Hostel - DEMO - Create / Modify Cash Drawers - Google Chrome

2 - Cash Drop

The Cash Drop field is where you add the amount you are withdrawing from the drawer. This amount will be removed from the starting balance the next time this drawer is opened.

The Ending Shift Balance it will be equal to the starting balance next time this drawer is opened.

Born to be Wild Hostel - DEMO - Create / Modify Cash Drawers - Google Chrome

3- Cash Drawer Summary

Double-check the cash drawer summary before proceeding. On this step, you have the option to:

  1. Print the report
  2. Close cash drawer only (it'll keep you logged in the system)
  3. Close cash drawer & log out

Cashier = user name

Shift ID = Cashier Report number

The users which are set as recipients in the System Notification Preferences will receive an e-mail with a Drawer Closure Summary, once it is closed.

This e-mail contains all the useful information, such as:

  1. User name (cashier), shift id, the time and date when the shift started and ended
  2. Transactions added during the shift and amounts
  3. 'View report'- the system will redirect you to the cashier report

When you close a cash drawer, you can always visit the Cashier Report to check the details of any of your closed cash drawers

If the user tries to log out without closing an open cash drawer, the system will display the following warning:

"You're attempting to log out and you still have a cash drawer open"

The user may choose the following options:

  • Close cash drawer - the system will offer you the same steps of closing cash drawer as you could see above
  • Proceed without closing cash drawer- when the user logs out the cash drawer will remain open when the user logs in again
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