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I changed my property channel ID, how can I connect it to myfrontdesk?


On certain occasions, you may want to create a new property in the channels (OTA's) and connect it to myfrontdesk instead of the current property channel ID that you have connected before. That means you will need to replace the old property id configuration to a new one.

This article will walk you through the steps to disconnect and connect a new property's channel ID to myfrontdesk.

The change in mapping can be done after you have the new property configuration ready in the channel's extranet.

Myfrontdesk is unable to map multiple channel properties to one single account. The following steps will replace the existing channel id to a new one.

Setting up a new channel (property) id in myfrontdesk

In order to replace an old channel id to a new one, you will basically follow the same steps used to connect a new channel.

  1. Select myallocator as your channel manager in the channel's extranet

Check the connection guide below for specific channel instructions:

  1. Click here to inform our support that you requested a channel ID change and inform the new ID, so we can guarantee the request is valid and change the credentials in your account.
  2. Once the request of connection has been confirmed by myallocator support team, you'll receive an email asking to complete the activation and mapping.

Whenever you make changes in mapping, always send a full refresh on the channel distribution page to confirm the synchronization is successful.

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