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How to add Cash Payments to Reservations


This article explains how to add cash payment to the guest's folio.

You can either post cash payments on the guest's folio with or without the Cash Drawer feature, but if you want to have a better control of your cash payments, please check the following article: Cash Drawer - How to Create and Manage

How add Payments in Cash

Once you access the desired reservation:

  1. Click on the 'Folio' tab
  2. Click on 'Add/Refund Payment'
  3. Select 'Add Payment'
  1. Add the payment details
    • Assign to the desired guest, if applicable
    • Amount - you can either use the total balance due, or add a different amount
    • Payment Type - select Cash
    • Add Notes, if needed
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If you have Cash Drawer feature Enabled:

With an Open Cash Drawer

If you have the Cash Drawer Feature enabled and also an open cash drawer when posting the payment, the system will recognize the user posting the transaction and will automatically post cash to the open cash drawer associated.

Without an Open Cash Drawer

If you have the Cash Drawer feature enabled, but you didn't open a cash drawer yet, on the Payment Details screen:

3 options will be offered when you select 'Cash' as your payment type:

  • Add to currently open drawer - it means that the system didn't recognize the drawer created by the user who is adding the transaction
  • Open Cash Drawer - open a new cash drawer under the current user name
  • Proceed Without Opening Cash Drawer

Once all of the details have been added, click on 'Continue' and the payment will be added to the reservation and can be checked in transactions.

If you have Cash Drawer feature enabled, you can generate a list of cashier reports and access each of them to track operations done with cash

If you are interested on the Cash Drawer feature, click here and contact our support team

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