How to Merge Guests Profiles


It is awesome when guests come back to your property, but sometimes, these repeat visits can lead to duplicate guest profiles on your system.

On this article you can find further details about the Guest Merge feature.

This feature requires Cloudbeds Plus plan or higher.

What is a Guest Profile?

The guest profile is where you can view all of your customer's data such as revenue, personal details, notes, and any documents that you have attached to a specific guest.

Every reservation has a guest profile so if you are manually creating a reservation on myfrontdesk, you can choose to create a new guest profile, or pick an existing profile to attach to the reservation.

Sometimes duplicate guest profiles may occur. Now, you have the option to merge these profiles to clean up your data base.

How to Merge the Guest Profile

Before you proceed, please note that the action can not be undone.

The ability to merge profiles can be found in the 'Guest' tab

  1. Login to your myfrontdesk account and click on 'Guests'
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  1. You can either
    • Search by the guest name (if you already know which guest profile you need to merge)
    • Click on 'Filter Duplicates by Email' checkbox
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  • The system will only search for all occurrences of guests where there is more than one repeated email address.
  • You are allowed to merge 10 guests profiles at a time

On the following example, the property has 2 guests called 'Dominique'.

On Dominique's guest profile, we can see exactly the same name and email address, but different surnames (this is a very common reason for duplicated guest profiles).

In order to merge both profiles:

  1. Select the desired profiles
  2. Click on 'Merge Guests'
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On the right side, a modal will be displayed:

By default, the system automatically uses the most recent details.

Before merging, verify the contact details and select the details you want to keep

  1. Check and select the details you want to keep for the merged guest profile
  2. Click on 'Preview and Confirm' to move forward
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  1. Confirm the accuracy of merged guest details and
    • Click 'Save' to proceed and merge the profiles, or
    • Click on 'Guest Details' to return to the previous step to update information

As a reminder, after merge is confirmed, the action can not be undone and the future reservations will be updated with new guest details.

Once you confirm, the system will display a notification on the left side saying that the guests were successfully merged

Click on 'View new guest profile' if you want to check the new guest profile.

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Activity Log

You may find the data of merged guests in Activity Logs under 'Guest Merged' activity.

  1. Access 'Manage'
  2. Select 'Activity Logs' under the 'Logs' section
  3. Click on the 'Change Made' filter
  4. Select 'Guests' > 'Guest Merged'
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The records will be displayed once you apply the above filter.

  1. Click on the guest name hyperlink and the system will redirect you to the correspond guest profile
  2. Click on the 'CSV format' hyperlink to download an CSV document with the guest details.

On the CSV file you will be able to view both guests profiles merged as shown below:

  • Mary J. (blue) and Mary Jhonson (pink) profiles were merged
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