Why I didn't receive Airbnb guest email?


As of August 17th 2020, Airbnb will no longer send any guest emails for reservations, but you can still use Airbnb messaging and phone numbers. Check below further details about this change.

On the following Airbnb article you have all you need to know about contacting guests: An update for hosts who use the guest email feature

Opt-In Option

If you want to continue sending emails to guests, you need to access your Airbnb extranet and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on 'Account'
  2. Access 'Professional Hosting tools'
  3. Click on the toggle 'Allow me to email documents to guests' to enable this option again

Here is the link to toggle

Account Settings - Airbnb - Google Chrome
Account Settings - Airbnb - Google Chrome
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