Changes in room structure - Moving a room from a category to another


Correctly creating accommodation types is one of the most important settings for your property. This directly impacts both your myfrontdesk and mybookings accounts as well as the inventory and availability of your distribution channels.

If for any reason you need to make changes, your accommodations structure after the Onboarding process, this article guides you on the most important steps.

Before Starting, you should know:

  • Myfrontdesk does not delete or change the room types in channel's extranet (OTAs) This process needs to be done manually by the property owner or OTAs' account manager
  • Myfrontdesk does not have an option to simply drag and drop the room/bed from a category to another, so the only way is following the steps from this article
  • It is crucial to review and change the room type settings/ descriptions in both myfrontdesk and OTAs manually
  • Deleting or modifying room types can cause errors in reports since you will be comparing data from before the change or deletion to data after the change or deletion
  • Make sure that the availability for the new room / accommodation type is correct
  • All existing reservations tied to the room type that will be modified, needs to be re-assigned manually
  • Double-check the room mapping on myfrontdesk side
  • Once you finish all the process, perform a full refresh from within myfrontdesk

Read the following steps carefully and follow them precisely. Failure to do so can create incorrect availability which can result in overbookings or loss of revenue.

Getting Started

If you tried to add rooms/beds to your myfrontdesk account and the system displayed a warning message notifying you that "this change will be exceeding your account billing plan", proceed with the following steps:

  1. Reach out to our support team at with the following details:
    • What room(s) you want to move
    • Where would you like to move the existing room
    • Inform if you will increase your room count or just move rooms to another accommodation type

With all the details above, our customer coaches will be able to check your room count and, if needed, we will increase your room count temporarily (up to 3 business days), so you can have enough time to perform the changes on myfrontdesk without being charged.

1. Accommodation Types Settings in myfrontdesk

Once Cloudbeds support team notify you back confirming the temporary room count increase, proceed with the following steps

1.1. Create a new room / dorm

Create a new room/ dorm under an existing accommodation type or create a new accommodation type.

Here you can find further details about Accommodation Types

1.2. Reassign your Reservation

  • Move all the current (In-house), future (Confirmation Pending and Confirmed)  to the newly created room/dorm or simply move them to an existing accommodation with availability
  • Make sure that you checked all the assigned and also the unassigned reservations

1.3. Delete the previous room/dorm

If the rooms are not deleted from the account, your Cloudbeds subscription fee will increase when our billing department removes the temporary room count created.

  • If you have a great deal of future reservations, deleting a room type can be a time intensive process because the reservations assigned to this room type must be re-assigned. Their rates will not be updated to reflect the price of the new room type.
  • When deleting a room type, reservations can be re-assigned to a room type that is already sold out for those dates. We are not liable for any room overbookings caused by deleting a room type

Before deleting the room/dorm:

Be aware that when you delete a myfrontdesk room/bed within an accommodation type, by default, the system will delete the last unit from the list

Please check the following example:

The Standard room type below has 4 units (Blue, White, Red and Yellow) - if the property changes the room count from 4 to 3, by default, the system will delete the last unit from the list - in this case, the unit "Yellow"

If the property needs to remove the unit "Blue", for example, they need to change the units order by dragging and dropping them on the Accommodation Type section

Please check the following article to learn how to proceed: How to Customize Individual Rooms

DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Calendar - Google Chrome

Once you have everything done, access the following article to check How to delete an Accommodation Type in myfrontdesk

1.4. Check your Availability and Rates

Make sure that your availability and rates for the new room / accommodation type are correct.

You can use either Availability Matrix or the Calendar to confirm rates and availability

1.5. Inform Cloudbeds Support Team

Inform the Cloudbeds team (using the same opened ticket) when the changes have been made.

If you have any questions about the steps above, please inform our support team immediately.

2. Connected Channels

Remember that myfrontdesk does not delete or change the room types in your channel's extranet (OTAs). In this case, the steps below should be done on all your connected channels.

  1. Create new room types in your OTAs extranet.
    • Each channel works differentlyso please reach out to their support team directly if you need any help.
  2. Delete old room types in OTAs and ensure they are no longer sold.
  3. Map any new rooms in myfrontdesk to the new rooms in your channels
    • Each room type in your channel needs a matching room type in myfrontdesk. Do not double map rooms
    • Once you finish, run a full refresh

When you delete a room type on the OTA extranet, this will eliminate any future bookings, but there is a strong possibility that a property could receive modifications for the previously confirmed reservations in that particular room type.

Even though you reassigned all the reservations on the myfrontdesk calendar, this action will not modify the reservation room type on the OTA. If this occurs, take a look at the following article for the procedure in such cases: Reservations for Unmapped Rooms

Myfrontdesk Channel Mapping

In order to complete the step 3 above, please follow the steps below:

  1. Access the 'Channels' tab
  2. Choose the corresponding channel from the list
  3. On the Room Mapping step, make sure that all your myfrontdesk accommodation types correspond to channel's rooms

Once you finish, make sure to send a Full Refresh to the channel

Repeat the above steps with all your connected channels

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