Shared Inventory - How to set up an account for Hourly/ Day Use / Events Room

Although we do not currently have hourly/ day use in Cloudbeds PMS, this can be achieved using Shared Inventory. If your property has an events room or a motel room that you rent out per hour or group of hours, check below how to configure these rooms using Shared Inventory.

  • Shared Inventory add-on is a required feature to perform the following steps. If you do not have this feature yet, reach out to our support team or to your Cloudbeds Market Manager.
  • This workaround only works for your direct reservations since the booking engine and OTA's sell rooms based on arrival and departure dates, not on time slots.
Step 1 - Create the rooms in Cloudbeds PMS

Create two room types that later will be linked through the shared inventory (they reflect the same physical room that will be sold in two different layouts):

  • Room Type 1: The property room/events room is divided into blocks. These blocks can be grouped into several hour blocks, depending on how many times a day you want to rent out the unit.
  • Room Type 2: An option for a full-day (or overnight) booking.

Create New Room Types

  1. Access Accommodation Types
  2. Click on New Accommodation Type
[Demo] Yellow Submarine - Manage - Accommodation Types - Google Chrome
  1. Configure the information according to the room type you will sell (i.e. events room or property room names) as well as the occupancy, description, and amenities.
  2. The number of units must correspond to the number of hour-splits you will sell. This will count as the Room Type 1.


  • The room will be available for sale every 3 hours;
  • The number of units will be 8 (if you split 24 hours into 3 hours blocks, you will have 8 blocks available for sale);
  • In case the number of hours you sell for an event or property room is higher or lower, split 24 hours into the number of hour blocks to know the number of units.
  1. Under the Accommodation Name, edit the name of each room accordingly to have your calendar organized by the hour as you prefer.

Example: the name of the room corresponds to the time slot.

Save the settings once all rooms are named.

  1. Create another room type (Room Type 2) following the same steps for the full-day reservations. This room type corresponds to the 24 hours, therefore, only one unit will be needed.
    After creating both room types, move forward with the shared inventory configuration.

The shared inventory will allow multiple reservations to be created for one day when the reservation is just for a couple of hours, but when the guest wants to book a full day, the hourly availability will be entirely blocked because they are linked (they are the same physical room).

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