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Cloudbeds Billing Portal - Invoices


This article explains how to access your Billing Portal invoices and understand its details.

Once you access your billing portal, you will see the list of issued invoices and the option to view each of them:

  1. Property information registered on Billing Portal
    • Customer's name
    • Tax ID
    • Property Legal Name
  2. Digital Arbitrage information - Account Holder Name
    All transactions for myfrontdesk are deposited to the parent company Digital Arbitrage Inc. (formally MX2 Solutions Ltd.)
  3. Invoice Summary
    • Service Period - displays the invoice billing period
    • Invoice Number - generated by Billing Portal system automatically
    • Invoice Date - Invoice creation date
    • Total amount due - Total amount due on the invoice due date and the total amount of the balance invoice
  4. Description
    • Your Cloudbeds package will be displayed on the first line
    • The list of the add-ons will be displayed on the second line
  5. Totals and Subtotals
    • Subtotal - Total amount of the package/add-ons combined
    • Sale Tax - this information will be displayed only if there is a tax charge
    • Cloudbeds Account Credit - applicable if there is any credit added to your account
    • Total - total amount of the transaction charged (Subtotal + Taxes - Credit)

Please check the following example

0a979189e38ebff2ff202e32c5cf158466778e09 - Google Chrome

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