Add emojis to accommodation-type names


The Cloudbeds Booking Engine only displays the accommodation type name by default. However, it is possible to include emojis to add a fun and dynamic element to your booking engine page.

Use cases

  • Properties accepting pets, having dedicated pet-friendly accommodations or areas🐶
  • Properties serving breakfast (or other meals) but without enough characters to add additional descriptions in the accommodation type name ☕
  • Thematic or special accommodation types (for example: Blue Room) 🔵
  • To showcase a particular accommodation feature (for example: Ocean view) 🌊

Step 1 -  Get the desired emoji

Desktop environments are adapting and gaining mobile features like emoji characters. Depending on your computer/browser, there are different ways to obtain your preferred emoji:

Step 2
- Add your emoji to your accommodation type name

  1. Go to the Settings in your Account menu
  2. Click on Property , go to the Accommodation tab, and click on the desired Accommodation Type
  3. Copy the emoji from the external source referred to in Step 1, paste it next to the accommodation type name
  4. Click Save

To show the accommodation-type name emoji in other languages

  • Switch the language next to the accommodation name by clicking the language button and add the emoji again.
  • Repeat this process in each preferred language.

Booking Engine preview


Learn more about the different Booking Engine customization options here.

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