How to use myfrontdesk Activity Logs


The Activity log shows various changes in your account. On the activity log page, you can search, sort, filter, and analyze different types of data.

You can keep track of every change made inside the system by all users for a number of different categories. For further details, please check below.

Access the Activity Log

Go to

  1. 'Manage'
  2. Open the 'Logs' section
  3. Click on 'Activity Logs'

How to use the filters?

The filters allow you to find the change you are searching for in a more efficient and faster way:

  1. Search by the reservation ID in order to see all the actions related to it
  2. From / to: Choose the date range, according to which date you need to see or you may leave it blank to see all dates
  3. Change made: Choose a specific modification type if you don't want to see all types of changes at once
  4. User: Select the user if you want to check the changes made by a specific user only
  5. Switch the toggle to display the changes in UTC format
  6. Click 'Apply' once the filter is set to see the results of your search
  7. Click on 'Share' to generate a link to the filtered information that you created
  8. Clear the filters applied to begin a different search
  9. Export the results into CSV, Excel or PDF formats

Which changes can I track in the Activity Log?

On the screenshot below you can see the types of changes that can be tracked in the activity log. Click on the plus sign next to each functionality to expand the category listings. Then, check the action/change that you would like to search for and apply the filters.

[Demo] Mountain Resort & SPA - Activity Log - Google Chrome

Example: if you want to know who marked a room as 'Out of service' and when, you would need to select the change made from the 'Blocks and Holds' section: 'Out of service block created':

[Demo] Mountain Resort & SPA - Activity Log - Google Chrome

Once you click on 'Apply', you will see all the results for the selected change.

  1. Click on the plus sign to see further details about the change
  2. The question mark shows additional information about the user (email and when the change was made)
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