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As of June, 2020 you may create and customize the email templates that you can later use to send to Groups.

Check the following article for further information about Groups feature

Currently, the scheduling emails feature does not work for Groups module. All the messages should be sent manually by the user

How to access Compose Message Feature

Login to your myfrontdesk account:

  1. Click on Groups tab
  2. Select the desired Group
  3. In top right of the screen click on Actions
  4. Click on 'Compose Message'
RB Hotel - Group Housing - Google Chrome

5. The new 'Compose Message' window will be opened. Here you may select whether to send email from template or send a custom message

RB Hotel - Group Housing - Google Chrome
Send email from existing template

Check the following article to learn how to create an Email Template

  1. Select the desired email template - some of the fields will be pre-populated as they are coming from the selected template
  • The default templates (created by the system) such as reservation confirmed, pending confirmation, reservation cancelledreservation folio, reservation invoice, group invoice, group foliowill not be displayed in this drop-down
  • Please note that changing the message or the fields auto-populated from a template selected will not affect the existing template

2. If needed, you can send the message in a different language

RB Hotel - Group Housing - Google Chrome
Send an email with custom text

By selecting 'Actions > Custom message' means that you need to enter text message and email details manually

You may fill out the following fields:

  1. Send to (required)
    • If you have contact details under Group Profile, the system will allow you to choose the desired email from a drop-down menu
    • If you do not have any contact details under Group Profile, this field will be replaced with input field
  2. Add recipients: If needed, you can manually add email addresses on this field
  3. Send From (required)Email address from which the email will be sent
  4. Reply-to: Email address that will be populated in the "To" field when the "Reply" button is clicked on the email
  5. CC List: List of all email addresses you want to CC (adresses will see each other emails in message). Separate each email address by a comma
  6. BCC List: List of all email addresses you want to BCC (addresses won't be able to see other emails). Separate each email address by a comma.

Please note: CC and BCC can't be identical

RB Hotel - Group Housing - Google Chrome

7. Subject: Text that will appear as the subject of the email. To add dynamic content such as the name of the guest or phone number, use the "Insert Merge Tag" picklist.

8. Attachments: Upload any attachments you would like to be included whenever this email template is sent.

9. Content: Enter the text to be sent, use editing options to add merge tags or customize text.

RB Hotel - Group Housing - Google Chrome
How to track email messages

When users send a composed email it's possible to see log entry under the following logs:

  • General Activity Log page:

The log can be filtered using the following filter:

NJDdgT3ZDbOcsfIB9SgkRlkfv0FUWHyZxUMPYpCppRi8fYNQc6rZMJyhDBDcmePTthfXmQ7nO6wod4PfkFkfttV6LUfNAtTtJWVFHp2FRFnC0yPeOSNkqsrB_qV8QYNSTdVrPoG_ (968×368) - Google Chrome
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