Groups - How to Print a Group Folio

As of May 20, 2020, you can easily print Group folios on the Group Profile page.

Getting Started

On your Group Profile page, click on 'Actions'. Under this drop-down, you have the Print Folio option as shown below:

Once you click on 'Print Folio', the system opens a slide-out that allows you to select which folio you would like to print.

You may choose a specific folio or all folios, then click 'Continue'.

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You can create multiple folios, and specify which transaction types default to which folio using our Split Folio functionality. Check out the following articles to learn more:

Split Folio Configuration
Groups - Group Folios

When a specific folio is selected

When a user selects a specific folio and clicks on 'Continue', a printing details modal with the folio opens up. Choose the Destination (your printer) and click on 'Print'.

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When multiple folios are selected

The logic for displaying transactions on the printing details modal is the following:

  1. The transactions will be displayed according to the date. The system will first display the latest transactions
  2. The totals at the end of transactions list will include the total for all transactions from the selected folios
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On the folio, aside from the transactions list, you can see the following details:

  1. Group name
  2. Group code
  3. Group status
  4. Contact details (business email, work phone and complete address).
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