Cloudbeds Release Notes - Groups 4.8 (May, 2020)


The purpose of this release is to introduce the Print Folio functionality for Groups module and other additional improvements.

For detailed information about our Groups module, check out this knowledge base section.

What is the Groups feature?

Groups provide hoteliers the functionality to manage their Group Business and contracted Corporate business from within Cloudbeds’ hospitality management system. 

This is an extended feature - If you are interested in this module, reach out to our support team at

Other Improvements

Activity Log: Print Group Folio Filter
  1. Click on the Activity log tab
  2. Click on the drop-down menu "Change Made"
  3. Select Group Profile - the users can see a new option called Printed Group folio.

Whenever user 'Prints' Group folio, they will see an entry in the Activity log page with the following text:

The Group code is a hyperlink, clicking on which takes the user to the reservations tab for that specific group.

Email delivery log: search logs by group code

With this release users are now able to search logs not only by reservation ID, but also by group code.

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Group Profile Folio: a new error message added

This release improved the group's workflow. Now, when a user tries to delete a folio that has pending routed transactions, they will see the following error message:

This will protect users from deleting important data from the system. 

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