Rate Plans and Packages - How to create a Loyalty Program for your guests

Create a promo code for a 99.9% discount to be used by your loyal customers who have already paid for the booking, but could not stay at your property due to strong or external factors (such as COVID-19 or weather conditions, for example). This code would be used in their next booking.

Create a Loyalty Program in Cloudbeds PMS

Step 1 - Configure the promo code
  1. Go to the Rate Plans & Packages page
  2. Click +New Rate Plan
  1. Add an External (public) name and an Internal name (for internal purposes) to your package
  1. Select Derived plan.  A derived rate plan is a percentage or amount higher or lower than the base rate (i.e., 10% higher than base rate, $15 lower than base rate).
  2. Select the minus sign ( - ) and percentage ( % ), since we will give a percentage discount in relation to the Base Rate

Learn more about How to Add / Edit Base Rates

  1. Promotion Code: Select Yes and enter the code the guests will use to obtain the discount
  2. Select any add-ons to be included in the package if there are any items or services offered
  3. Select the applicable Reservation Sources:
  • Cloudbeds Booking Engine (Website / Booking Engine)
  • Direct Bookings (Walk-In, Phone, Email)
  1. Inclusions: Mention everything that this package includes. Example: Breakfast, Shuttle, etc.
  2. PoliciesEnter the package policies

Ensure that all the terms and conditions of this promotional rate are very clear to avoid any misunderstanding with the guests.

  1. Image: Upload an image to promote this rate plan
  1. Under the Availability section, click Add Interval. We will add the period in which the package is in effect
  1.  Select Room Types in which this package will apply
  2.  Select the Start Date and End date when the promotional package should apply to
  3.  Enter the restrictions for the package if needed (not mandatory)
  1.  Scroll down and click Add Interval
  2. Click Save
  1. It is also recommended to access your booking engine and test the promo code:
Step 2 - Share the promo code with your guests
  1. Access the reservations in which you would like to share the promo codes.
  2. Send the promo code by email using the Compose Message feature.

More details about the Compose Message functionality: Sending Email From Reservation

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