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Rate Plans and Packages - How to create a Pay Now Stay Later Rate Plan


Set up a deposit policy for guests to pay upfront, lock their stay, and allow them to pay the remaining balance closer to the arrival. This strategy is particularly useful to boost your reservations when needed.

This article explains how to create a Pay Now Stay Later Rate Plan in Cloudbeds PMS.

Create a Pay Now Stay Later Rate Plan

1. Configure the Rate Plan

Go to the Rate Plans and Packages - How to setup section to create/set up your Rate Plan.

If you need to edit it later, refer to How to save, edit or delete rate plan.

2. Set up the Deposit Policy

After creating your Rate Plan, setup the amount of deposit guests have to pay to secure their booking: How To Set a Guest Deposit

3. Configure Payment Options

3.1. - Setup the Credit Card Payment Option

To configure your Payment Options, see How to set up Credit Card as a payment option in your property for more details.

3.2. Process the payment  immediately

See more about Rate Plans and Packages in this section.

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