Reservations - How to handle Same Day Check Out Reservations

Same day check-out is currently not possible in Cloudbeds PMS because the system was designed to sell "nights".

We understand the importance of this functionality in case you allow same-day bookings and still want to have late check-outs blocking the availability for a period of time.

1 - How to Block the Inventory

You can use the Courtesy Hold feature on Cloudbeds PMS calendar to block inventory for the date needed.

The Courtesy Hold removes the accommodation from available inventory for the length of time you allotted (on your booking engine and connected channels).

Check further details about courtesy hold on this knowledge base article: Creating Room Hold.

  1. Access Cloudbeds PMS Calendar
  2. Choose the check-in and check-out dates - Even though the check-in and check-out dates are the same, you must select the check-out date
  3. Select Courtesy Hold
  4. Fill out the mandatory fields
  5. Once the time on the length of hold field has passed, the hold will release and your room inventory will be available for booking
  6. Click on Save
DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Calendar - Google Chrome
DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Calendar - Google Chrome

You may edit the dates of this reservation and make a check-in date with a past date as described here. This strategy would not always suit your needs as the previous night can be occupied and it can also affect your production and revenue reports for those dates.

2 - How to Record Payments / Items for such reservations?

You can record payments and add items for same day check out reservations using House Accounts.

Remember that House Account feature requires Cloudbeds Plus plan or higher/equivalent. If you want to enable it, reach out to our support team or to your Market Manager.

  1. Access House Account
  2. Create a new House Account -  Click here for further details
  3. Click on Add / Refund Payment > Add Payment to record a payment
  4. Click on Add / Adjust Charge > Add Item to record an item
DEMO - Karina's Hostel - House Account - Google Chrome
DEMO - Karina's Hostel - House Account - Google Chrome
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