Cloudbeds Release Notes - User Application Language (April, 2020)


There are countless benefits to having a diverse workforce in the hospitality industry, but using the same language setting in your PMS for all employees can be challenging. Therefore, we have made some helpful adjustments to the language setting options. We are excited to introduce a new functionality that allows different users in your property to use different system languages simultaneously.

1. Preferred system language for each property user

Before the release: It was not possible for users to use a different language other than the property language.

After the release: Each user, including the property owner, can use a language different than the property language by selecting their 'User Application Language' under 'My User Profile'. Please check the following article for further information: User Application Language

  1. Click on the User Profile Icon
  2. Access 'My User Profile'
  3. Switch to the desired user language
  4. Save

The property language is the default language that is preset for your property account and new user accounts.

Only users with permission granted to edit the 'Hotel Profile' can change the property language by following the steps described in the article:  How to Setup the System Languages  

2. Preferred system language setting for Association Admin

As an Association User, you have access to multiple properties in an association (group). Updating your Association User Application Language in one account will automatically update your individual language setting in the rest of your property accounts under the association.

  1. Go to 'Properties' tab on the association page
  2. Select one of the properties
  1. Click on the user icon on the top right corner
  2. Go to 'My User Profile'
  3. Choose the language from the drop-down menu by selecting 'Application Language'
  4. Click 'Save

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