Cloudbeds Release Notes - Expedia Updates (April, 2020)


Cloudbeds is releasing a new improvement to the myfrontdesk system. This update includes improvements to the Expedia channel. Please find the specific details below for this improvement. 

Expedia was added to the Advanced Channel Rates (Multi-rate Plan)

Expedia (along with Hostelworld, and Agoda) also supports the Multi-rate plan feature (aka Advanced Channel Rates). This feature allows properties to create multiple rate plans for each room type and have those sync to channels.

For further details about Multi-rate Plans, please refer to the article: How to Sync Rate Plans to Distribution Channels

This feature is currently in a pilot phase and is not enabled for all users. If you would like to join the pilot, please email

New Setup Flow

Expedia was moved to the new channel setup flow on myfrontdesk. If you're not familiar with the new channel setup flow, check out this article for further information - Cloudbeds Release Notes - New Channel Setup Flow

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