Cloudbeds Release Notes - Security Change (April, 2020)


We are making a small change to the security parameters for system passwords.

From this release onwards, the system will not allow the usage of passwords containing the word "Cloudbeds" (including variations).

Here are a few samples of what won’t be allowed going forward:

  • 123Cloudbeds!
  • Cloudbeds2020$
  • cL0udB3d$

This is only applied when creating or changing a password. This will not affect users that currently have an invalid password in use.

This change will apply to the following parts of the system:

  • Resetting user password
  • Setting credit card password
  • Setting password for a demo account
  • Setting password for new user
  • Changing the account password from the user account page
  • Changing the account password from association page

The error message shown below will appear if you try to use the word "Cloudbeds" or any of its variations.

"This password is a commonly used password and is not allowed"

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