How to Troubleshoot Missing Emails


This article shows troubleshooting steps to check for emails that are not received by your guests or property.

Common issues

  1. The guest email address is missing in the system, therefore, any email communication to the guests cannot be sent, including the confirmation email. Make sure the guest email address is added in the Guests Details tab inside the reservation.
  1. The Reservation Confirmed email was not sent to the guest automatically because the option Send the customer an automatic confirmation email in Mybookings Settings is not enabled. See article: Does mybookings send automatic confirmation emails to my guests?
  1. Your guest who made a reservation via an OTA did not receive the Reservation Confirmed email from Cloudbeds. The OTA is responsible in sending the email confirmation to the guest. You may still use the Compose Message function to send Reservation Confirmed email to your guest if needed. Follow steps: Sending Email From Reservation
  1. Your property is using a business email address to send the notifications but you have not authorized Cloudbeds as a sender for your property domain via Sender Policy Framework (SPF). Learn more here
  1. When editing the email templates, you included a comma in the From Name and Reply-to Name fields causing an error in sending the emails. Please see How to Create a Custom Email Template
  1. Errors may occur when sending notifications from the system if there is a comma included in your Property name within the section Property Profile. Check How To Change the Property Contact Information in myfrontdesk

If none of these topics described your problem, please proceed with the troubleshooting steps below.

Step 1. Define the missing email type

There are a few email types in the system:

  • Confirmations: Emails sent to the guests
  • Notifications: Emails sent to the property or specific user in the property

When investigating a missing email you should answer a few questions first:

  1. Which exactly email type is missing (confirmations or notifications)?
  2. Who should receive it? The Property Owner, staff user or your guests (which guest)?
  3. What is the reservation number?

Step 2. Check if myfrontdesk is responsible for sending this email type

Check the table to see if myfrontdesk is responsible for sending certain type of email and whether the correct action was performed to trigger the sending.


  1. Your  property is not receiving notification for bookings made in an OTA.
    • Possible reason: The OTA is not included in the list of limited channels Cloudbeds sends the notification for new reservations. Cloudbeds only sends booking notifications on behalf of: Expedia,, Hotelbeds, TripAdvisor, Reconline, Agoda, BestDay. For other OTAs, the OTA is responsible for notifying the property about new reservations.
  1. When changing the reservation status to Confirmed on myfrontdesk, the button Confirm was clicked and not the Confirm and Email Guest, therefore, the Reservation Confirmed email was not sent to the guest.
  1. A specific property staff is not receiving notifications about new bookings because their email is not included in the list of recipients to receive the New reservation Received notification in the System Notification Setting.

Step 3. Check the Email Delivery Log

Check the Email Delivery Log to see the status of the email. It can be that the system tried to send the email but it failed or that the email was actually sent but it's missing in user's mailbox:

[Demo] Mountain Resort & SPA - Manage - Google Chrome

A. Email was failed to be sent

Check the description of the error and follow the instructions. If the description is unclear or missing, reach out to our Support Team.

It also may happen that you have marked the messages from Cloudbeds as spam once, and our mailing system has "remembered" this, preventing the notifications from being sent. To check if this is true you can also reach out to our Support Team and we will investigate the cause for you.

B. Email was sent but you or your guest cannot find it in the mailbox

  • If guests are not receiving emails from you - their email domain might be the reason. More information: Why am I not receiving new reservation email notifications?
  • Sometimes users accidentally remove the email messages or archive, delete or mark them as spam so ask them to check spam and trash folder or search for archived emails.
  • The mail filter move the emails automatically to trash folder, so check trash folder.
  • If only some emails are not showing or missing from the inbox it could be the sign that someone accidentally removed emails.
  • Email address might be misspelt or invalid.
  • Email inbox might be full and the emails are bouncing.

C. Email is missing in Email Delivery Log

If you completed all the steps from the article and the email is missing in email delivery log, reach out to our Support Team providing all the possible details (reservation number, guest name, who-should-receive-what), see section Step 1. Define the missing email type.


On behalf of which channels Cloudbeds notifies me about a new booking?

Expedia,, Hotelbeds, TripAdvisor, Reconline, Agoda, BestDay.

Why HAVEN'T I RECEIVED a notification about a new reservation from an OTA?

Notification about a new or modified reservation is only sent by Cloudbeds to you on behalf of a limited number of OTAs: Expedia,, Hotelbeds, TripAdvisor, Reconline, Agoda, BestDay

For other channels, the OTA is responsible for notifying you about new reservations.

I have received a notification from Cloudbeds about new booking from an OTA that you don't send notifications for. Why?

This happens when you change the status of the reservation on myfrontdesk to Confirmed by clicking Confirm and email guest - in this case both you and a guest will receive an email: you will receive New reservation Received notification and your guest will receive Reservation Confirmed email.

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