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How does myfrontdesk receive the rates from Goibibo/Ingoibibo?


This article explains how Goibibo/Ingoibibo sends prices to myfrontdesk and a brief description of booking payload.

Price Rounding

Ingoibibo may round the amount of reservation sent to myfrontdesk in some cases. They round off the value of net amount.
Unfortunately myfrontdesk can't change this, because rounding occurs on OTA side.

If you notice mismatches between the reservation rate in myfrontdesk and on Ingoibibo - please reach out to your Ingoibibo manager to check why the amount was rounded. You can also edit the reservation rate manually in myfrontdesk to correct the amount.

Description of booking payload

The following screenshots were taken from a random myallocator reservation (channel manager by Cloudbeds) as an example:

The fields below (labeled 1-8 in red) are passed from the channel manager myallocator to myfrontdesk.

Please check the description of each field:

Description of internal Ingoibibo booking payload - Google Docs - Google Chrome
Field Description
1 - Total Price Total price paid by the customer minus TCS tax (check taxes description below)
2 - Taxes
  • Consist of two different taxes: GST, the goods and services tax, and TCS, the tax collected at source
    • GST and TCS only apply to properties located in India
    • In some cases, there's no GST . When applicable, it's included in the total price paid by the customer (field 5)
    • TCS is always 1% of the pre-tax price for properties and it's not included on the total price because it's paid by the property to the channel
  • Taxes are applied by the channel and not by myfrontdesk

3 - Commission
  • Any reservation made through Ingoibibo is subject to a commission fee
  • This value helps you to determine the total amount you will receive from the booking by subtracting this amount from the total price (field 1)
4 - Discounts
  • Discount or coupon applied to the reservation 
  • The amount will be displayed with the total value of discounts and a breakdown of all discounts and/or coupons applied
  • This value is already applied to the reservation price
5 - Deposit Amount that the customer pays to the channel
6 - Balance Remainder owed to the property
7 - Collect type: Ingoibibo collects payment Full payment is made by the guest at the time of reservation and is made directly to Ingoibibo
8 - Day Rates
  • Room price for each day
  • This is the room rate that myfrontdesk sent to Ingoibibo with any applicable taxes applied (e.g., GST)
  • Rate adjustments are not passed by myfrontdesk to the channel. They are set on the channel

Understanding the calculations based on the above example

  • Total Price - INR 1942.5

1960 (deposit) minus 17.5 (1% of the pre-tax price) equals to INR 1942.5

  • Taxes - INR 227.50
    • GST for a room of this price is 12%, so 1750 (the room price on MA) * 0.12  equals to INR 210
    • The total tax is GST + TCS (210 + 17.5) equals to 227.5
  • Deposit - INR 1960.00
    • The discount is subtracted from the price in field 8, as indicated by the description of the discount (discount of 37.5%)
    • 3136 (day rates) minus 1176 (the discount amount) equals to INR 1960, or the total amount the customer paid (field 5)
  • Total amount the property will receive from the booking INR 1839.25
    • INR 1942.5 (total price) minus INR 103.25 (commission fee) equals to INR 1839.25

Extra Person Fee in myfrontdesk

This is where you can see the extra person fee from Ingoibo reservations:

Please note that the extra service amount is not displayed on the balance due because myfrontdesk doesn't add products automatically for reservations from channels.

In such cases, go ahead and add the extra person fee manually on the guest folio by following the steps of this article: How to handle extra services/products from OTAs reservations

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