Cloudbeds Release Notes - Mybookings (April, 2020)


Cloudbeds is releasing an update to the booking engine - mybookings in April 2020.
Please check the details of each improvement below.

Booking Engine Price Presentation

If you are using Gallery Design on the booking engine, you can choose between two types of pricing presentations: 

  1. "Show Lowest Sales Price" (Price from lowest price available)  
  2. "Show Accommodation Total Price for Stay" (Price X Nights)

'Show Lowest Sales Price' 

The guests will see the lowest price for a 1-night stay. This is also how it used to be before the release.

'Show Accommodation Total Price for Stay' 

The guest will see the price for the room multiplied by the number of nights - (Room rate) x (number of nights).

Replacing Facebook App with Social Media Book Now Buttons

The “Facebook App” integration which imports mybookings into an iframe on Facebook is now out-of-date and it is not being supported by Facebook anymore.

If you still want to allow your guests to book through Facebook, you should enable Book Now buttons on your social media pages.

We recommend making this improvement for the following reasons:

  • Book Now buttons are mobile-friendly
  • Book Now buttons appear on every page of the property’s Facebook profile
  • All properties can use Book Now buttons (Facebook Pages required 2000 fans)
  • The Facebook Page apps are not scalable and commonly experience  technical issues
  • Lastly, Facebook is also encouraging properties to make the switch to Book Now.

You can find instructions for setting up Book Now buttons on mybookings page as shown in the screenshot below.

Knowledge Base Article as a reference:  How to add your mybookings link to your Facebook Profile

You can also leave a link to mybookings page on your Instagram page or Twitter, please, follow this link for more instructions.

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