Cloudbeds Release Notes - Packing of URLs for the Transactions Reports (March 2020)


March 2020

We're delighted to share with you an update within our reporting system. This release is the first of many more improvements to come. As an initial step, we have implemented a way to reflect and save an applied filter in the Transactions Report page's URL which will make it easier for you to navigate on your browser without loosing the previously selected filters.

Before this release, the filters applied on the Transactions Report would be cleared once you refreshed or navigated to another page on your browser.  You would then need to apply the same filter again when returning to the report.

After this release on the Transactions Report you are now able to:

  1. Navigate forward and backward on the browser while having the filter setting remain the same.  
  2. Copy and Paste the URL of the report page. This is helpful when sharing the filtered report with other users who have access to the report.
  3. Bookmark the page to save the report with the particular filter settings and access it at any time on your browser.

Learn more about URL Packing on Transaction Reports in this article: Transactions Report

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