Mybookings - Gallery vs List Design


The new mybookings design was introduced as of February 2020.

- If you hadn't done any customization to your booking engine before Gallery Design was implemented (February 2020), this feature will be turned on for you automatically.

- If you have customized mybookings page, the new Gallery Design needs to be turned on manually and all your current customization codes need to be transferred to the new design.

Please, check the steps below for more details.

Gallery Design

The booking engine will load a design with larger photos. Rate plans for the same room type will now be grouped together:

If you are using Gallery Design, you can choose between two types of pricing presentations: 

  1. "Show Lowest Sales Price" (Price from lowest price available)  
  2. "Show Accommodation Total Price for Stay" (Price X Nights) - the system will select this option by default

'Show Lowest Sales Price' 

The guests will see the lowest price for a 1-night stay. This is also how it used to be before the release.

'Show Accommodation Total Price for Stay' 

The guest will see the price for the room multiplied by the number of days they want to book - (Room rate) x (number of nights).

List Design

If you customized your booking engine previously (adding custom meta tags for example), your mybooking page remains with the List Design (the existing design).

Unlike Gallery Design, when using this option, it's not possible to choose your pricing presentations.

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