Customize Cloudbeds Booking Engine - Gallery and List Designs Overview


Cloudbeds Booking Engine has two different options to display the website content (room photos and rate information) of your property.

This article shows an overview of both Gallery and List Designs and it explains the differences between each one of them.


Gallery Design Features

Gallery Design is the default Booking Engine setting for Cloudbeds PMS accounts.

  • The booking engine will load a design with larger photos
  • Rate plans for the same room type will be grouped together

List Design Features

List Design is not available for Gallery Design users. Learn more Cloudbeds Release Notes - Booking Engine List Design Phase-Out (July 2022)

  • Simple pricing presentation (It is not possible to choose your pricing presentations)
  • Smaller room photos displayed.
  • Properties with the List Design enabled have another column in the Custom Meta Tags for Booking Engine customization.
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