How to connect Paysafe to myfrontdesk


Cloudbeds Payments is the payment processing solution powered by Paysafe. In order to connect you will need to sign up with Paysafe first.

If you do not have the Payment Processing feature enabled, please reach out to our Support team or your Cloudbeds Market Manager.

Note: Card readers are not supported for Paysafe gateway.

As of February 2020, you are able to connect Hardware Terminal to myfrontdesk as a part of our pilot group through this sign up page.

1. Sign up for the Paysafe account

Currently, Paysafe is only available for properties in the US and Canada.
Customers who already have a Paysafe account will have to create a new Paysafe account through our sign up link and move over to the new account. Fees are 2.8 % for e-commerce transactions (made on the Internet) + $0.30 per transaction.

If you do not have a Paysafe account already, you will need to sign up for one. Click on the country your business is located in to start the sign-up process.



2. Find the account ID in the Paysafe welcome email

Once you sign up with Paysafe you will receive an email with important information. In this email, you will find the account number. 

If you’re unable to locate the Account Number please contact Paysafe at

Cloudbeds Payments by Paysafe - Connection Guide - Google Docs - Google Chrome
3. How to Connect Paysafe account to myfrontdesk
  1. On your myfrontdesk account, click on Manage and then click on Payment Options
  2. Under “Connect Payment Gateway” click Activate.

You can find more information about how Payment Gateways work here: Payment Processing Setup

3. Select "Cloudbeds Payments powered by Paysafe" as your payment gateway and enter the Paysafe Account Number. Click Connect Gateway.

Cloudbeds Payments by Paysafe - Connection Guide - Google Docs - Google Chrome

4. Configure the Billing Address Requirements
(Step 4 - under section Enabling Payment Processing and Automatic/Scheduled Actions)

  • Please note that the following information is mandatory for Paysafe setup:
    • ZIP Code
    • Country
  • Note that Billing Address Requirement only applies to direct bookings. For OTA reservations please set up billing address requirements in OTA extranet or contact their support.

5. Select a default method for new reservations from the Booking Engine and your connected OTAs

Learn more about Processing Methods here

DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Payment Options - Google Chrome

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have an existing Paysafe account?

You will need to sign up for a new Paysafe account in order to link Cloudbeds. For more information about that, please contact Paysafe.

How can I test the connection with Paysafe when I connect it for the first time?

When you connect the Payment Gateway for the first time, you will see a Live/Test toggle here:

You can switch the toggle to Test mode to test a few transactions, but remember to switch it to Live mode in order to charge guests. For Test Mode you can use Test Credit Cards provided here

You can also verify the connection by running a payment/authorization for a low amount (Ex. $1), and you can refund it afterward.

Can I process a refund?
  • Partial refunds are possible but only after the overnight settlement/next day.
  • On the same day the payment was made, only full refund is possible.

Please check further information here: How to Process Refund Through Payment Gateway

How to Contact Paysafe?

You can contact PaySafe through the following e-mails: or

Have more questions? Contact Support


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