Does myfrontdesk connect to Lux Retreats through Airbnb?


Luxury Retreats is a separate OTA owned by Airbnb. Please check further information about this OTA below.

How to Connect

If you are interested in getting your listings onto Luxury Retreats or the Airbnb Luxe tier, please reach out to an Airbnb Lux agent directly.

The Lux agent would then work with you to get inventory organized and pushed from myfrontdesk.

Connection Details

This channel supports

  • Rates
  • Availability

 This channel does not support:

It's currently not possible to receive Luxury Retreats reservations via Airbnb API.

In summary, you can send up-to-the-moment inventory to but cannot receive bookings from them. In this case, the users need to add the reservations manually.

Please check the following article to learn how to add a reservation manually:

How to make a new reservation using the Simple View Option

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