How to Unroute Transactions from Group Folios

In Group Folio you can easily manage transactions that the company is responsible for.

A Group folio looks similar to a Reservation folio: from there you can add a payment or a refund or add a charge or an item. You can also unroute transactions from existing reservations from a Group folio which will recalculate the balance due.

When should I use the unroute option?

- When you accidentally routed a transaction to the group folio and want to unroute it back to the reservation.
- One of the nights the guest is paying on his own and the transaction needs to be removed from the group folio

When you unroute a transaction the balance due for both the group's and reservation's folio will be updated.

Unrouting Transactions from Group Folio

When you open a Group Folio, all routed transactions will be highlighted in yellow:

Clicking on 'i'  displays a tooltip that shows which Reservation the transaction was routed from. Click "View" to be redirected to that Reservation page.

In the example below, the transaction was transferred from Mary's reservation:

You can unroute transactions either from the general Group Folio or from the reservation folio that the transactions came from.

Click on the gear icon and then select Unroute.

Once unrouted, the transaction will be visible only on the Reservation folio and not on the general Group folio anymore (both Group and Reservation folios will be updated). In addition, it will no longer be included in Group folio's balance due and will be added to the reservation's balance due.

As shown below, Mary's Reservation now has the transaction unrouted.

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