How to cancel Group Housing functionality

This article will walk you through the steps of canceling a Group Housing functionality.

Before sending us cancellation of Group Housing you have to perform the following actions:

1. Balancing Transactions

There are different options which you can use in order to balance Group Folios, you can choose one or another option depending on your own preference, whether you are expecting a payment from the Group and how soon, etc.

You have the following options:

Option 1. Un-routing (this option is best for the case when reservations are for a future date and payment is not expected any time soon): if routed transactions exist - you can un-route them back to the reservations to clear out Group Folio from all (or part of) transactions.

You can refer to this article for more details: How to Un-route Transactions from Group Folios

Things to consider with this option: 

  • Un-routing has to be done one-by-one (each transaction separately), there’s no bulk un-routing (which was done on purpose as un-routing creates a balance on the corresponding Reservation Folio and needs to be carefully tracked).
  • Manual un-routing should be done only to posted routed transactions, not pending. 
  • To disable routing for future (pending) transactions - routing should be removed from the Group Profile settings, otherwise it will be automatically removed when Groups module is disabled, which may create additional balances on the folios for in-house and future reservations. 
  • Un-routing is not recommended for reservations with “checked out” status, as this will create balances on those Reservation folios. For “checked out” reservations - Option 2 is recommended.
  • Before un-routing, it’s recommended to either make a screenshot of the folio or email the folio to your e-mail, for records.

Option 2. Applying payment (this option is best for reservations that are already checked out or in-house and if payment is received or expected soon): if balances exist - customer can collect and apply the payment from the Group to balance out the folio.

Please, refer here for more details on how to post payment to Group Folio.

Option 3. Applying adjustment: you may also choose to apply adjustment to the posted transactions on the Group Folio, instead of un-routing or applying payment. This is not recommended but there may be situations when you choose to do so. 

You can find more details about making an adjustment here: How to Adjust Charge / Add Adjustment to a Reservation

You need to select the best option from the ones above, to balance your Group Folios so when the module is disabled you don’t have any outstanding balances to deal with. With that said, all the transactions will still be showing on all corresponding reports even after Groups module is disabled. This procedure is needed to make sure that the accounting is not affected by this.

Here is what happens to the transactions, once you disable the Group Housing:

  • all pending routed transactions will be un-routed (meaning, they will no longer be posted to the Group Folio, they will be posted to the corresponding Reservation folio). In most cases, this pertains to in-house and future reservations.  
  • all posted routed and manual posted transactions will remain in the Group Folio but won’t be accessible as the Groups tab will be hidden. 
  • all transactions that “remain” in the Group Folio will appear on the reports the same way as they were appearing when Groups module was enabled. 

This is how posted transactions will appear on reports (below is an example of a Transaction report but here’s the full list of reports that will contain those):

  1. open cash drawers /access_open_drawers
  2. Transactions /report_transactions
  3. Adjustments /report_adjustments
  4. Payment Ledger /report_paymentLedger
  5. Cashier report /cashier_report
  6. Payment Processing Report /scheduled_payments_report
  7. Stock & Inventory Report /stock_report

Note the Res # field has group name with a link. Clicking on this link will take you to an info page explaining what happened to the transaction.

If for any reason you have failed to balance Group folios, after Group module is disabled, you will see the transactions on the reports and will be able to track what is out of balance. You will then be able to apply the necessary payment (or an adjustment) to a House Account or a fake reservation, for accounting balancing purposes. 

2. Voiding Authorized Payments

Currently, Groups module has the functionality to Authorize payments. In order to ensure that funds are not being held by the property for a long period of time without the ability to release them - you will need to void all previous authorizations that haven't been charged (meaning: authorization without funds withdrawn and payment applied)

Please, check this article Authorizing A Card With The Payment Gateway Feature to learn more about how to void the existing authorization and release the hold.

3. Allocating All Payments

In addition, you also need to make sure all payments are allocated in Group Folios (if you are using Payment Allocation functionality).

Please, check this article for detailed explanations about payment allocation: Payment Allocation Overview

Then you need to determine if the Package is Trial or Active:

Active Packages

It is only possible to cancel a Trial Product if the Product is still in the Trial Period.  Once the Trial Period ends, the Product will become Active and you will be charged for the Product.

To cancel an Active Package/Product, please email to request cancellation.

Trial Packages

If your Package/Product is in Trial status, you may follow the steps below to cancel the Trial.

1. Once signed into Cloudbeds, Access the Billing Portal within your Cloudbeds account

1.1. Choose Current Packages from the Menu
1.2. Find the Trial Package that you want to cancel, and click "Cancel This Trial"
1.3. Confirm the Cancellation by clicking "Yes"

And you will see that the package is "Cancellation pending" now:

1.4. Billing on the Trial Package will be suspended until the cancellation is processed

Once you request cancellation you will not be charged for the Trial Product, even if your Trial ends before our Support team confirms the cancellation.

1.5. Wait until Cloudbeds Support confirms your cancellation.
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