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Welcome to Cloudbeds! Your Cloudbeds Onboarding begins with meeting your designated Onboarding Coach who will partner with you throughout the process to ensure your successful system setup. We’ll gather the basic information about your property and take it from there to build you a system that will start delivering more reservations and happier guests in no time. Let's get started in reviewing the steps in the Onboarding process.

Important Information to Review: Onboarding Terms & Conditions

Please see below for a brief summary of each step:

What To Do Before Starting

The information you need to have ready before you begin. This is a vital step to ensure a smooth and quick setup. Please check the following article: What To Do Before Starting

Step 1: Kick-Off Call

You’ve chosen Cloudbeds. You are ready to get started. Let’s introduce your dedicated Onboarding Coach and plan your onboarding experience. They will be your advocate within Cloudbeds throughout the entire process. During the kick-off call, your Onboarding Coach will outline the setup process, review the required customer information and establish a follow-up call schedule.

Step 2: Setup

Let’s get your Cloudbeds system setup. Accommodation types, base rate, taxes/fees are some of the basics we will focus on. The outcome is a fully live system that can receive new reservations and manage customers at the front desk. During the setup, your Onboarding Coach will utilize the property information provided and complete the configurations & connect your channels.

Step 3: Celebrate Go-Live!

Your big debut! After going live, your Cloudbeds system is ready to receive reservations. Our 24/7 Support Team can assist with any questions and/or troubleshooting, additionally our Cloudbeds Knowledge Base is a great resource for general inquiries. 

Step 4: Adoption

Getting your system setup is one thing, mastering how to use it everyday is another. In the weeks following Go Live, your Onboarding Coach will continue to work with you via targeted engagements that focus on advanced features and best practices.

Self-Setup: Your Onboarding Coach will be happy to assist during your setup process however if you prefer to complete the setup without assistance, please refer to the following Self-setup guide

Cloudbeds University: We provide a library of resources to help you become proficient in the Cloudbeds Products, best practices, and industry trends. To learn more, click here!

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