Cloudbeds Release Notes - No Show Feature (January 2020)


As of January 2020, allows myfrontdesk users to report No Show back to the channel, without leaving myfrontdesk system. This release allows you:

  1. Update (and in the future, other channels) with new availability in hopes of generating a last-minute booking
  2. Choose to Collect or Waive the cancellation fee - all without leaving myfrontdesk is currently the only channel that supports this feature.

How to Enable No Show Feature

Currently this feature is available for new properties. If you would like to be enabled for this feature, please contact our support team at

Step 1 - User Permissions

Please double-check the user permissions - The radio buttons under the General System Settings (more details on the next step) should only be visible for users who have:

  1. Distribution ON:
    - Access Roles Page > Click to edit the corresponding Role > Under 'Hotel Setup' section, switch the Distribution toggle to ON

2.     Modify Reservations toggle enabled
- The Modify Reservation option is under the 'Reservation' section. It allows users to have access to the “Manual flow features” around No Show Reporting (more information about the Manual flow you can find below)

Check further information about User's Role here.

3. should be a connected and active channel on myfrontdesk
- Access Channel's tab to double-check if status is "Enabled"

Please check the following article to learn How to Connect to myfrontdesk

Step 2 - Auto No Show Feature Toggle

Auto No-Show means that if a guest does not arrive by 2:05 AM the day after check-in date (local property time zone), the system will automatically change the status of the reservation to No Show

As an extension of the Auto No Show feature, now you have the option to automate reporting No Shows to

  1. Access General System Settings
  2. Under Automation, Preferences switch the No Show feature toggle to ON
  3. Three radio buttons will be displayed with options below the toggle (if the toggle is disabled or if the user doesn't have the permission, no sub-options are shown). The options are:
    • Do Not Send automatically - Auto-change status to No Show on the system, but DO NOT report No Show to
    • Send; WAIVE cancellation fee - it automates No Show Reporting to and ALWAYS waives cancellation fee
    • Send; Do not waive cancellation fee - it automates No Show Reporting to and NEVER waives cancellation fee

Waive means that the cancellation fee will not be applied

Process and Details

Once you enable the feature under the General System Settings and choose one of the options, you can accommodate either automated or manual No Show Reporting to, dependent on your choice when you enabled the feature

Automated Reporting Flow

Please check all the Automation Preferences options:

Automation Preferences
Reservations will be marked as No Show on myfrontdesk No Show information will be sent to Cancellation Fee will be waived Email sent about no show reservations

Do not send automatically



Send; Waive cancellation fee
Send; Do not waive cancellation fee

Note that you can move a reservation to No Show before 2:05 AM and select to report to manually.

Example: If a reservation was in a status other than NOT CHECKED IN at 2 AM and the reservation was not part of the auto-report due to different status (e.g. Confirmation Pending) you can manually move to no show later in the day. Please check how to use the manual reporting flow below.

Manual Reporting Flow

This process only works if the reservation has not been reported as a no show to from myfrontdesk before.

In order to report No Show to via myfrontdesk manually, please follow the steps below:

  1. Access the reservation on myfrontdesk
  2. Change the reservation status to No Show (no matter what the current status is)
  3. Myfrontdesk will check if the booking falls between 00:00 (midnight) on the check-in date, up to 48 hours later
  4. A warning message should appear, as shown below, and you need to select one of the options from the drop-down
  5. The system will send this info to
  • CANCEL - the status of the Reservation remains in the current state and is not moved to No Show. No information is sent to
  • CONTINUE > Do Not Send to the status of the Reservation will be changed to No Show, and no information is sent to
  • CONTINUE > Send No Show Info to; Waive Fee -the status of the reservation changes to No Show. The No Show information is sent to to waive the cancellation fee
  • CONTINUE > Send No Show Info to; Do Not Waive Fee - the status of the reservation changes to No Show. The information is sent to with the cancellation fee

6.       After choosing one of the options above, you will immediately see a loading indicator

7.      Once a successful message is received back from, you will see the following message

If the reservation is toggled to another status later on and then back to No Show and you are in the 48h window (and all the rules are valid), the user will still have the option to report the No Show to

When using the Manual Reporting Flow, the user can also face the following warnings:

Too early to report

If the reservation falls prior the range (too early), the following dialog box will be displayed

Too Late to Report

If the reservation falls after the 48-hour range (too late), the following dialog box will be displayed

What happens after the success message

What to expect after the reservation was successfully sent to as a No Show:

  1. will "cancel" the booking on their extranet
  2. In myfrontdesk, the reservation will be marked as No Show and will contain Cancellation number as pending, until myfrontdesk receives an update from
  3. When the cancellation update is received from, the reservation will be updated to show Cancellation number and Cancellation Fee as shown on the screenshot below

4.    Depending on your cancellation policy, you should post the cancellation fee on the guest's folio manually.

Please check how to post a manual transaction here: Room Revenue. How to Add and Use Room Revenue

It might take 1-5 minutes for to process the information. Because of this, the reservation will show the cancellation number as pending, and only after updates, you will see the cancellation number and the cancellation fee.

Possible Errors

When an error message is received back from you will see the following message

Possible errors
No Show Already Reported
  • This reservation has already been reported as a No Show to
Too early to report
  • No Shows can only be reported to starting at 00:00 (midnight)
  • No Show status will be saved on myfrontdesk only
Too late to report
  • No Show status will be saved on myfrontdesk only
It happens when the reservation was marked as 'overbooked' on extranet
  • This reservation cannot be canceled due to overbooking
  • No Show status will be saved on myfrontdesk only
  • The channel has restricted modifications to this reservation. 
  • No Show status will be saved on myfrontdesk only

Already Cancelled
  • Unable to report No Show: this reservation has already been canceled on
  • There was an error communicating with 
  • No Show status will be saved on myfrontdesk only
  • You need to report No Show directly on the extranet
Going from No Show > Other Status > No Show
  • If you have never reported the reservation as a No Show to, go ahead and follow the steps described above
  • If you have already reported the reservation as a No Show to, and they try to move it to statuses of Confirmed, Confirmation Pending and Checked out, the following message will be displayed
  • If you have already successfully reported a reservation as a No Show to, and then try to move it back to No Show again from any status, you will see the following message
Reporting Timestamps / Activity Logs

The reservation activity logs will show the following:

  • Timestamps of when a No Show was first reported to a channel
  • The user who took this action
  • Response from the channel

You can also check these changes under the general activity log.

Use the filter "Change Made" and select 'Reservation - Activity and Status'

Loogaroo - Activity Log - Google Chrome

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a report which shows these reservations?

At the moment, myfrontdesk does not have a dedicated report, but property owners will receive a daily status report with No Show reservations sent to / received from into an email showing success / fail statuses.


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Currently, only the property owner can receive these emails. There's no option to change the recipient.

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