Cloudbeds Release Notes - Hostelworld Integration Updates (December 2019)


Cloudbeds is releasing an update to the myallocator system (channel manager by Cloudbeds) in December 2019. This update includes improvements to the Hostelworld Integration.

Hostelworld Integration Updates

As of December 11, 2019 - our Hostelworld integration supports additional features as following:

  1. Minimum Length of Stay Update:
    Before this Release: a minimum stay setting always applied to all rooms for a single day
    After this Release: now it's possible to set a different minimum stay for each room for each day
  2. Maximum Length of Stay Update:
    The maximum length of stay restriction is now supported
  3. Closeout Update:
    When you “Close” a room type, the channel manager will set “stop-sell” on Hostelworld, instead of setting availability to 0.
    Learn more about Closeouts here: Distribution Channel Closeouts 


  • After deployment, an automatic full refresh has been pushed to the channel
  • All properties now have the correct minimum and maximum stay
Additional Information about Stop-Sell

What's the difference between Stop-Sell and 0 Availability?

Zero availability = all rooms occupied

Stop Sell is the same as sending zero "0" availability. However, the reason for the alert is so that you are required to overwrite your inventory for that day.
If you typically sell 10 rooms, but maybe there is a temporary reason that you need to close off that day(s) - like maintenance - you can set the flag which will overwrite the 10 rooms of inventory.
If the maintenance issue is fixed and you can start selling rooms for a date again you simply delete the flag and you are able to immediately sell 10 rooms again.

In short, it's a way to overwrite inventory to zero, but still, retain the original count in the "background" in case you want to lift the stop sell.

Additional Information about Minimum and Maximum Length of Stay
  • If you do not set anything on myfrontdesk, Hostelworld will default to Minimum Length of Stay = 1 and Maximum Length of Stay = 14
  • The lowest Minimum Length of Stay / Maximum Length of Stay that can be received by Hostelworld is 1.
  • The highest Minimum Length of Stay / Maximum Length of Stay that can be received by Hostelworld is 14.
  • So if you have Minimum Length of Stay / Maximum Length of Stay higher than 14 set on your Cloudbeds account, Hostelworld will default to 14 due to the limitation on their side.

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