Cloudbeds Release Notes - PIE 1.6 (September 2019)


With this release, we are introducing a couple of exciting improvements to the PIE module in order to enhance user experience and make PIE more powerful and easy to use.

1) The "Revenue" graph on the overview page is now replaced with a new enhanced "Performance" graph.

2) We have added a month separator to distinguish where the month ends on the Rate Manager and Rate Shopper pages.

3) We have added synchronization between the graph and table on the Rate Shopper page.

4) We are now allowing to create more than one record in the Compsets for the same competitor on the same channel (for the purpose of comparison of different accommodation types).

Performance graph on the PIE Overview page

With the new performance graph, we now have 3 major KPI's (Occupancy, Average Daily Revenue, and Revenue Per Available Room) all in one place, for an at-a-glance view of property's overall performance and comparison. You can also compare this year's data to the previous year.

1) Occupancy (OCC ): displayed in grey bars

2) Average Daily Revenue (ADR ): displayed in blue lines

3) Revenue Per Available Room (RevPar): displayed in orange lines

4) Occupancy axis (percentage measurement)

5) ADR and RevPar axis (currency measurement)

6) Option to toggle Year-Over-Year comparison on/off

By default, the graph displays 30 days in the future, with an ability to move to the previous 30 days or future 30 days using the arrows.

Month separator on the Rate Manager and Rate Shopper pages.

The separator visually indicates when the new month begins.

Rate Manager Page:

Rate Shopper Page:

Synchronization between the graph and table on the Rate Shopper page.

For your convenience, the “start” date of the graph is now linked to the start date of the table.

So when you move the graph, the table also moves and vice versa.

Ability to compare rates for several different room types from the same competitor

Now that we have room types mapping functionality available in PIE's Rate Manager, you may want to compare different room types from the same competitor. This release makes it possible to do so by allowing to create multiple records in any Compset, with the same competitor and the same source.

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